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Jamaica's Rockhouse Spa, Negril

Our itinerary’s promise of meeting a spa guru piqued our interest as spa writers, but the fact that said guru was on the island of Jamaica was even more intriguing.

We are now, however, true believers after spending a few (far too few) hours at West End Negril’s Rockhouse Hotel & Spa. The brochure promised: “Surrender your stressed mind and exhausted body, and we will restore peace and tranquility to you.”

After a “bathing ritual” for Kathy, a massage for Fletcher, a salt scrub for our tour host (who purchased the scrub to take back to New York), and a welcoming ritual foot bath for all three, there’s much to report.

First a quick introduction: Rockhouse is a stunning, cliffside property where individual units jut out over jagged rocks in contrast to the bright aquamarine water.

Before our treatments, we spent some time with that spa guru, Linda Hall, whose official title is spa and wellness consultant with more after 40 years’ experience in the industry.

“That makes me a dinosaur,” she says with a laugh, though her smile and welcoming attitude are indeed ageless. Her breezy, white dress flares briefly as steps

from behind the spa’s reception counter - her entire look as charming as her British accent.

Hall’s eyes twinkle with delight as she answers our questions, peppering in a bit about her work in the U.K., Asia, the U.S. and throughout the Caribbean.

For more from Linda Hall, spa consultant, enjoy her blog:

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