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Five-hour spa day at Ritz-Carlton, Reynolds - Lake Oconee, GA

What a perfect way to spend a rainy day when you've looked so forward to your getaway, but it's raining buckets, right? Yes, we're spoiled.

The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee Spa is an impressive 27,000-square-feet, stand-alone structure, is located steps away from the lobby on a covered open walkway that also serves as parking for the resort’s little train for an orientation tour for guests. (Yes, adults ride, too, which we did on our first visit here three years ago.)

With rain in the forecast this time, we happily embraced a spa day, and it turns out it was an incredibly relaxing five hours – a break from everything, which we (and many others) seldom allow, so the gratitude meter registered at its peak.

Usually our spa visits entail a site tour, treatment and an hour or so to enjoy whatever extras might be available. Here we had several hours to partake of all the amenities like those in the men and women’s locker rooms: sauna, steam room, hot tub and cold plunge pool. The dressing areas were outfitted with any needs to prepare for a lunch date or evening out post-treatments, too. Plus, we had indoor pool and hot tub time after a spa lunch. Wow.

Part of what inspired the “linger longer” attitude – (there’s a dining venue on property plus a road by that name) — was a suggestion from our masseuses. Their written recommendation to each of us after our Reconnect Couple's Massage was to sample the steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi, in that order. That idea worked beautifully.

What also worked beautifully were these two masseuses. The massage begins face down, with both checking to be sure we were comfortable, particularly with the temperature of the heated beds. Both spoke quietly when asking if the pressure was to our liking or requesting we turn over....

And check back here for a report on what else there is to do at this amazing property in Greensboro, GA, between Atlanta and Augusta.

Photos courtesy of Reynolds Lake Oconee

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