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Romancing the OBX - Ideas For Your Memory Making

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the Cape Hatteras Seashore. (Photo courtesy of the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau)

When a television reporter interviewed us in 2020, he asked, “What do travel writers do now in COVID when you can’t travel?”

“Stay home,” we replied, quickly adding that’s no problem for us because we’re in love and really like being together.

That said, our 2021 re-entry into travel was an easy choice. The Outer Banks holds special meaning for us. It’s where we met in 1992, fell in love, started our publishing business, built a house, got married, and a decade later returned to renew our vows oceanside.

There’s no better place to embrace your romantic side than along these windswept, barrier islands where romantic spots are plentiful.

Walking hand in hand in the surf and sand is a must. Savor that first feel of warm sand under bare feet, the sun on your skin, and yes, the notorious OBX wind.

Our go-to, shared activity is beachcombing for that perfect shell or elusive beach glass as waves lap or splash depending on weather. Tune in to nature’s melody: the waves a background rhythm to the squawk of greedy gulls and the flurry of flapping wings. Don’t forget to look up occasionally or you might miss a passing pod of dolphin, a squadron of pelican, or the to-and-fro dance of sandpipers at water’s edge. We’ve even spotted whales offshore in shoulder season.

Read the full story here, including beaches, lighthouses, wild horses, history and more:


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