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Relive Funky Travel Trailer Era in NC Mountains at JuneBug Retro Resort

For travelers who delighted in road-tripping as children, especially in the family car towing a Shasta camper, a stay here will be a thrilling throwback to that happy memory. (Credit: Joseph Dix Photography)

A first glance at photographs of JuneBug Retro Resort in the North Carolina mountains is sure to elicit wide grins. It’s a throwback to a bygone era — the glory days of road travel. The resort’s natural, open-space setting sprouts a half-circle of 10 neatly arranged campers and travel trailers, some of them Shastas, in groovy pastel and primary colors. A few others — sleek, shiny, silver beauties — reflect bright sunlight toward the site’s Blue Ridge Mountains backdrop.

Fun? You betcha. The spot is so Instagrammable that checking in for our overnight visit had to wait while we snapped dozens of bright, festive photos beneath a perfect Carolina blue sky – the turquoise, red, yellow and white trailers vying for our attention.

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