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Abercrombie & Kent delivers Galapagos cruising in style

The equatorial sun is blazing even though it’s still morning on the island of Fernandina. We step carefully over hundreds of dark reptiles that blend into the black volcanic rock.

The naturalist guides here in the Galapagos laughingly call this island “Iguana World,” and now we know why: The dinosaur-esque creatures are everywhere.

Later, at a mangrove bay, a California cruiser’s walking stick proves attractive to a sea lion that tries to wrestle it from her with his mouth.

Another afternoon, from our ship’s top deck, we spot so many sea turtles in the water that we can’t count them all.

Examples of such animal interactions abound, and cruising is the best way to see more islands and more wildlife if you’re visiting the Galapagos.

Located about 600 miles off Ecuador, the Galapagos archipelago has 13 large islands, six small ones and 40 islets. Our ship, the well-appointed, four-deck, 210-foot MV Eclipse crossed the equator four times in our seven-island visit.

Our Abercrombie & Kent “Wonders of the Galapagos” trip was perfectly orchestrated; the Eclipse fantastic. This mid-size, luxury ship gave adventure cruising an elegant edge from delicious cuisine and three-times-daily cabin service to white tablecloth-and-china dinner service and post-excursion snacks.

(This full story is available for purchase. All rights reserved.)

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