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Dubai Glitz: Architectural marvels, out-of-this-world shopping & more await

(Photo courtesy of Jumeirah group: Jumeirah Beach Resort, left, and Burj Al Arab, right)

LIke the Emerald City but rising from the desert, Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, glitz and glamour, fashion, luxe goods, expensive cars. Imagine Las Vegas on steroids meets Lawrence of Arabia. Many know this destination for its world’s tallest building.

At more than 160 floors and 2,716 feet, Burj Khalifa opened in 2010 with a $1.5 billion price tag; inside is the world’s first hotel from designer Giorgio Armani.

With more than 100,000 hotel rooms, Dubai’s hotel occupancy rate and average hotel room rate are among the world’s highest. There’s no evidence the world’s fascination with Dubai is waning, either.

As one of seven emirates, or states, that constitute the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has emerged as a world-class tourist destination in just 60 or so years. (Full story here:

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