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From the Midway to Livestock Judging, It's State Fair Time in the Carolinas

When the air turns crisp, it signals an autumn rite of passage here in the Carolinas. Soon, the midway will blaze with lights and music as giant stuffed animals and blue ribbons beckon. Cue the fried foods.

Must-Try Foods

Come fair time, South Carolina’s moniker is “all fried – all the time” including this year’s birthday cake pops and deep-fried, mini-cinnamon-roll pops by Carousel Foods, adding to its popular menu items of fried Snickers, Oreos and Reese’s Cups. For carnivores, a parmesan-crusted burger and quesadilla burger await.

North Carolina’s lineup never fails with offerings like Fry Me to the Moon - a deep-fried chocolate Moon Pie stuffed with Ho Hos, peanut butter cups and Oreos, topped with cream cheese, chocolate syrup and powdered sugar. Need more energy? Try the Bacon S'more - a quarter-pound of maple-syrup grilled bacon on a stick dipped in chocolate, marshmallow fluff and graham cracker crumbles. Wouldn’t be a fair without a giant turkey leg or a funnel cake’s alluring aroma...


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